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Cardinal Marc Ouellet (dir.), For a fundamental theology of the priesthood. Proceedings of the Symposium of the Center for Research and Anthropology of Vocations, Rome. February 17-19, 2022, volume 1, ed. of the Deer, 2023.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet (ed.). For a fundamental theology of the priesthood. Complementary perspectives, volume 2. ed. of the Deer 2023

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The February 2022 Roman Symposium on a fundamental theology of priesthood has opened a new stage of theological and pastoral reflection in the background of contemporary questioning regarding the ministry of priests and the priesthood of the baptized. The in-depth study on the connection between the two participations, baptismal and ministerial, in the unique priesthood of Christ is indeed essential to bring the Church’s mission up to date in the spirit of opening and dialogue of the Second Vatican Council. It is obvious from an ecumenical point of view. Besides it is relevant to the promotion and communion of all vocations, especially this of woman, whose charisma is still little acknowledged and above all little incorporated in its right place into the life / dynamism of the Church communion. Last but not least the reflection offers synodal practice a sure theological basis so as to galvanize the involvement of the faithful, which has not only to correct the limits and defects in the exercise of ordained ministry, but also to make active and permanent use of the gifts and charisma of the Holy Spirit spread in the people of the baptized.



General introduction: 1 article

Cardinal Marc Ouellet

General Introduction

Part 1: Tradition and new horizons: 8 articles

Pope Francis

Faith and priesthood today

F. Serge-Thomas Bonino OP

Religion and priesthood – A fundamental anthropological datum

F. Robert Vorholt

Biblical foundations of the relationship between the priesthood of the baptized and the apostolic ministry

Mgr Lazzaro YOU Heung-Sik

Introduction to the afternoon of the 17

F. Jean-Robert Armogathe

The priesthood among the Fathers of the Church

F. Dominic Legge OP

The synthesis of Saint Thomas Aquinas and its topicality

F. Gabriel Richi Alberti

Significance of the Second Vatican Council for the priestly renewal of our time

F. Philippe Capelle-Dumont

Visions of the priesthood in a changing era. Theological issues and pastoral challenges

Part 2: Trinity, mission, sacramentality: 11 articles

Mgr Roche

Introduction to the morning of the 18

Cardinal Marc Ouellet

The Holy Spirit and the Priesthood of Christ in the Church: A Fundamental Trinitarian Perspective

F. Piero Coda

The Christological Foundation of the Priesthood: Paschal Mystery, Eucharist, Eschatology

Cardinal Kurt Koch

The ecumenical stakes of the question of the priesthood

Cardinal Versaldi

Introduction to the afternoon of the 18

F. Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole OP

The sacramentality of the episcopate: thinking the Order from the episcopate

Sr. Alexandra Diriart

The complementarity of states of life

F. Edouard Adé

Vocational culture: Christian initiation and formation for specific vocations

Martha Olavarrieta de Gomez Serrano

Women and ministries, status quaestionis. The common priesthood from the point of view of the sacrament of marriage

Sr. Alessandra Smerilli

Women and ministries, status quaestionis. Ministries, service and prophecy

Michelina Tenace

Women and ministries, status quaestionis. From reflection on deaconesses in the first centuries to ministries instituted in 2021

Part 3: Celibacy, charisma, spirituality: 9 articles

Cardinal Parolin

Homily of the Mass at St Peter

Cardinal Tolentina de Mendonça

Introduction to the morning of the 19

F. Gianfranco Ghirlanda

Holy life of clerics: theological-canonical perspective

F. Emilio Justo

Priesthood and celibacy: a theological reading of the path of the Church yesterday and today

Mgr. Fr. Paolo Martinelli

The ministerial priesthood and the consecrated life

Cardinal Farrell

Introduction to the afternoon of the 19

F. Gaspar Hernandez Peludo

The challenges of priestly formation today

Chiara Amirante

Priesthood, Redemption and Missionary Spirit

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Priesthood and mission


Introduction : 3 articles

Cardinal Marc Ouellet


Sr. Linda Pocher

The “Marian principle” in the Church. Anthropological and ecclesial implications of the presence and role of Mary in the history of salvation

F. Jacques Servais

The priesthood as a ministry of love

1ère partie: Études historiques: 12 articles

F. Renaud Silly OP

The priesthood in the Jewish tradition

F. Romano Penna

The common baptismal priesthood

Agnès Bastit-Kalinowska

A Theology of Worship and the Priesthood in Irenaeus Against the Background of Second-Century Christian Literature

Pr. Manfred Lochbrunner

The priestly image of John Chrysostom

F. Allan Fitzgerald

The priesthood in Saint Augustine

F. Matthieu Bernard

Lead all things to perfection. The holy and merciful priesthood in Bonaventure de Bagnoregio

F. David Gilbert

A path strewn with obstacles: the theology of the episcopal office and the obligation of residence at the council of Trent

F. Christian Barone

Pierre de Bérulle and the mystical initiation of ordained ministers: extending the Incarnation, making Christ present on earth

F. Renaud Silly OP

Note on the priesthood at Bossuet

F. Vincent Siret

“The priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus”. The priesthood with the Curé of Ars

F. Keith Beaumont

Newman and the priesthood

Baiba Brudère

Towards an existential collaboration between the ministerial priesthood and the common priesthood. The contribution of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

2nd part: Contribution of the Eastern Churches:  3 articles

Dr. Lawrence Cross

The Spirit and the bride. A Christian Eastern Approach to Priesthood Theology

Mgr Borys Gudziak

The Way of Life and Identity of Priests in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. 100 years in 30 minutes

Simona Zetea

The “traditional” vision of the priesthood, a brake on the synodal conversion of an Eastern Catholic Church?

3rd part: Contribution to training: 2 articles

Stefania De Vito
Katharina Fuchs

Psychology and theology in dialogue. The challenge of integral maturation in formation for the priesthood.

Maeve Louise Heaney

Writing a National Ratio: When Principle and Process Meet

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