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There is today a real emergency to improve within the Catholic Churches all education and actions to promote priesthood and all bapistmal vocations. It’s a deep and a so wide challenge that iit has to begin right now. Meanwhile the Crav needs your support to promote and spread all its works.
150 000$
to acheive translation and issues of the proceedings essential to have an impact on education and promotion of priesthood and vocations. Cardinal Ouelet needs sponsors for the poorest churches to have acces to the proceedings of the Symposium.
40 000$
to carry on the worldwide tour by Cardinal Marc Ouellet to promote the proceedings through highly expected conference.

15 000$
to complete the 3 days of YWD in Lisbon to teach thousands of youngs from all around the world about the joy to serve and follow Jesus.
100 000$
to make the CRAV stronger and able to move forward and acheive is a longway mission.

150 000$
for the next colloque « Man-Woman Image of God » in march 24 in Roma.


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